Two beautiful rings from The Diamond Source

Natural colored diamonds – brilliant gemstones
The Diamond Source difference

Diamond Ring

Every Diamond Has a Story –
a celebration – a milestone –
a moment to remember

Beautiful ring

Custom designed jewelry unmatched in the industry

Gold ring

Give her your heart – with our promise of unmatched
brilliance and beauty

Another beautiful ring.

Your dream design for a ring –
we can bring it to life

Another great looking ring.

See the fire in the stones and the brilliant beauty of an
ideal cut diamond

A great diamond ring.

The fire is in the cut –
The Diamond Source Diamond Ring

A beautiful ring.

Surprise her with a diamond

Another beautiful ring.

Love Sweet Love

A magnificent diamond ring

Capture the story of your love

Another fabulous diamond ring.

Once upon a time there was a moment to remember, and only the finest precious stone would do

A very unique, stunning ring.

Personal attention – unmatched beauty – it's the difference at
The Diamond Source

A gorgeous diamond ring.

A ring that will be
cherished for a lifetime

A great diamond ring from Marco Levy.

Magnificent One-of-a-Kind Jewelry from San Diego's Renowned Marco Levy

Another stunning and gorgeous diamond ring.

The promise of forever –
the perfect diamond ring

A wonderful diamond ring.

Capture the story of your love

Every diamond has a story. Every precious gemstone a tale to tell. The story of a celebration….a promise….a milestone… a moment to remember.

At The Diamond Source we have a story, too. The story of a man whose passion is to find the most spectacular gemstones, and cut them so their brilliance is unmatched. A man whose artistry is as rare as the jewelry he designs. Marco Levy at The Diamond Source.

The Diamond Source. Where our story meets yours.